The simplest way to be healthy takes two steps. The only problem is that these measures are straightforward but difficult to implement. The first step is to understand your metabolism and the second one is to avoid toxins. Very easy steps, but quite tricky to get around them because toxins are just about everywhere and on everything in modern life. On the other hand, no one has years of studies laying around waiting for them to understand their metabolism. For these reasons, here is a guide on the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Keep moving when not resting

You have at least three critical activities to think about, and only one requires physical exertion. You need to sleep, you need to work out, and you need to rest. Doing these three things in a healthy dosage will keep you as fit as an athlete, and allow you to tap into your creative juices whenever you are handling work.


Most people end up inviting fatigue in their daily life because they do not work out. It sounds ironical, but fail to activate your muscles every day leads to muscle apathy and eventually fatigue for no apparent reason. People who take the stairs instead of the lift allow their bodies to stay stimulated so that their blood keeps pumping and more muscle use that keeps them growing. The biology behind this advice is that you are getting old, but you want to keep acting young so that the body puts on the brakes to aging.

Eat your ideal weight

Eating well is another scary but quite simple habit. It is easy for some people to take coffee without sugar, but impossible for others. Eating your weight goes beyond that and incorporates the amount of food you take in. Start with identifying an ideal weight size for you such and then eat that much food. Eating less will leave you thinner and weaker while eating more than that will leave you feeling heavy and tired most of the time.

You can exchange dense food for less dense food if you are already on the heavier side and seek to cut down. The opposite is also true for those who want to gain. An ideal weight reduces your risk of most health problems including cardiovascular diseases.

What is next?

As you see, there are a few steps to getting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You might think of exercising and dieting. However, this article presents the conventional wisdom in a new easy to grasp way without making you feel stupid. All you need is some activity to keep your heartbeat elevated for a few hours then you will receive the reward of better sleep and less stress on your life. Meanwhile, as you eat your weight, you will continue gravitating towards it.