Having a functional home workout environment will require that you invest in some fitness equipment. For the most part, you might want to invest in items that are basic in nature—but for better results, then you might want to go overboard a little bit. One the best fitness equipment you can purchase is a personal treadmill, one that you can use from the confines of your home.

Why buy a personal treadmill?

You might be asking yourself why you need a treadmill—well here are some of the perks of owning one.


The obvious benefit of owning your treadmill is the convenience it brings. Most people will visit a gym just to access a treadmill. This is inconvenient in that there are so many variables to be accounted for, for instance, paying for a gym membership, weather, number of people using the treadmill, just to name a few. With one in your home, you can work out whenever you want—hence the convenience.

Better health

By regularly using the treadmill, you will be able to lose excess weight, get in better shape, and best of all, and foster your health. This is imperative, especially now that obesity is a big problem.

How to choose a personal treadmill

If you are on board with buying a treadmill, here is how to choose the perfect one.

Motor power

Before you buy the treadmill, you have to consider the primary exercise you will be using it for. This will help you select one that comes with a motor that can drive the belt with sufficient power. If you are going to be using it on a regular basis, then go for the one with a powerful motor—of at least 2.5 horsepower.


The size of the treadmill will also play a great role in influencing the one to go with. To be on the safe side, make sure to examine the room you have. Then go for a treadmill that has a footprint that can be easily accommodated. Remember that this is a personal treadmill, hence the need to use the space available in your home sparingly.

Also, ask for guidance on the best belt size for you and the kind of exercises you will be undertaking. Usually, they are categorized into two classes, walking and running.


lkndsvlknsalkndvkasndvlknaslkdnvsAfter you come up with a short list based on the fundamental properties, go ahead and make the final decision based on the secondary features. One that comes with software to help you with your progress should be given more priority.